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Plexr Options and Empowerment Membership









Welcome to the 

National Plexr Non-surgical Rejuvenation Skill Training Centre

The Royal Free London - Private Patients, Hadley Wood, 52 Moxon Street, Barnet EN5 5TS

The Royal Free Hospital Private Patients, Pond Street, London, NW3 2QG

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Our solutions have YOU in mind!

We recognise the importance in:


No Risk

Customer Focused

Profitable Solutions


At UKRC we aim to support you to get the most from Plexr technology, whether you are a Clinic, Beauty Salon or a Plexr Certified Doctor.

Device Replacement



Already own a Plexr Kubo and looking to upgrade?


Plexr Kubo is the analogue version of Plexr. As a Plexr Kubo owner, enjoy our limited time offer and replace your Kubo with a brand new Plexr Pro or Plexr Plus by paying less than half price.
In addition, we also offer payment options.

You do not have to pay for your device upfront!


Our refundable service fee could be less than £25 per week.


Empowerment Scheme

Introducing Plexr into your clinic without investment

We understand that businesses want to reduce their investment risk whilst being able to expand the services available to their customers.

Why not join our

NO RISK Clinical Empowerment Scheme?


You simply need to book appointments with your clients and we will arrange for a certified doctor to bring a Plexr device to serve your clients at your practice.


You only need to pay a fee from £24.90 per month!

Become a

Device Owner



Looking to purchase a Plexr device?


Introducing our "Cloud Plexr Plan". This is designed to help you get the most out of your Plexr device and join our national clinic data base.

You can choose to join our “Cloud Plexr Plan” which helps you monetise the idle hours of your device by renting your device to our numerous member clinics nationwide or renting your treatment room equipped with Plexr. 

It really is that simple, whats more you will benefit from exclusive national training events from industry recognized Plexr Doctors.

Doctor Empowerment Scheme

Empower yourself with the most cutting-edge medical aesthetic skills and quickly capitalise your skill in our clinic/salon empowerment scheme

For doctors who wish to become a Plexr Doctor and subscribe to the individual membership of the Plexr Empowerment Scheme are entitled to free intensive hands-on training. 
Once the trainee doctor has been trained to use the Plexr device and is accredited as a registered Plexr Doctor, they will receive invitations from the treatment booking team on regular basis to provide plasma rejuvenation soft surgery services in Clinics or Beauty Salons around the country. 
The training doctor will ensure that the trainee doctor receives adequate training, onsite or remote instruction during hands-on practice and advice/instruction for quality assurance during the first 24 months as a Plexr Doctor. To become a member of the Plexr Doctor Empowerment Scheme, a membership deposit will be charged. The deposit will be refunded after the member completes a number of treatments within the Plexr Empowerment Scheme. 

 Beauty Salon Empowerment Scheme


Introducing Plexr into your salon without investment

Customers are looking for convenient locations to have their soft surgery treatments conducted and your Beauty Salon would be an ideal location. Not only would you be able to offer a wide range of Soft Surgery treatments you don't need to invest in any equipment.

The set-up is simple, you provide the clients and set the price for the treatment being offered and we will charge you an agreed service fee which covers the treatment being performed by our qualified Plexr Doctor and the supply of the Plexr device. 

Why not join our

NO RISK Salon Empowerment Scheme?

Existing Plexr Owner




Own a Plexr and require servicing for your equipment or require PPE?


We've thought of it all!

We offer servicing for all Plexr devices, we have in house technicians who are able to service your Plexr device; simply contact us to discuss Service Plan Options.

In addition we also supply all the spare parts for Plexr as well as PPE supplies. 

Simply contact us to find out more.

Team Meeting


Beauty empowerment limited(BEL) is an institute founded by UK doctors and fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons.

BEL is the exclusive national distributor for PLEXR. 

We have our National Training Centre at London Royal Free Hospital and UCL teaching hospital.

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