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Plexr FAQs

How does Plexr® work?

Plexr® uses an innovative system based on the exclusive plasma exeresis technology developed by GMV - Italy. The unique plasma beam generated by Plexr® consists of ionized gas, similar to a microflits. The generated plasma very accurately transfers a minimal dose of energy to the skin, without affecting the surrounding tissue.

The extraordinary precision of the Plexr® enables excellent results with minimal deterioration.

What is plasma?

Plasma is known as the fourth physical state of matter. Matter reaches this state when enough energy is supplied to split atoms into electrons. The result is a cloud of free, negatively charged electrons and positively charged ions, radicals and molecules. This cloud, made up of charged particles, is called plasma. In this state, matter has completely new physical properties. Plexr has a particularly safe and effective plasma formulation that is patented under the name Plasma Exeresis. 

Which gases are ionized?

Plexr® ionizes the ambient air, mainly consisting of approx. 78.08% nitrogen and approx. 20.95% oxygen.

How does Plexr® plasma work on the skin?

The plasma produced with Plexr® has two different modes of action:

  • Extrinsic: Plexr® plasma creates a microablation by sublimating the top layer of the skin. (similar to from evaporation). Plasma microablation is therefore purely epidermal and very accurate. The underlying tissue is spared from trauma, allowing for accelerated healing.

  • Intrinsic: Plexr® plasma contains ionized particles that have very limited access to the deeper layers of the skin. The charged particles, including NO, ozone (O3) and others, cause various effects in the deeper skin layers: tightening by contraction of elastic fibers, thickening of the dermis due to production of new collagen type 1 (soft collagen) accelerating scar-free healing of sublimated epidermis.

How does the Plexr® plasma accelerate wound healing?

The intrinsic plasma effect is mainly seen as accelerated fibroblast division (mitosis) and fibroblast migration, promoting neovascularization as well as mitosis and keratinocyte migration.

Is Plexr Safe?

Yes, Plexr has a very shallow action on mainly the top layer of the epidermis. Due to its proven very limited energy penetration depth to the skin, Plexr is the only plasma device that can be safely used on patients with pacemakers, stents or any other form of body implants. Moreover, Plexr is the only plasma device that is used by ophthalmologists for the procedures on the naked eye.

Can I combine Plexr with fillers or botox?

Yes, it is possible to combine the injection of fillers or Botox in the same session with a Plexr treatment, even on the areas where the spraying takes place. In some cases, the combination with certain bio-regenerators is also recommended.

Why is wound healing scar free after a Plexr treatment?

The Plexr® treatment does not damage the dermis or cause necrosis. The Plexr® plasma stimulates the dermis through nitrogen and oxygen reactive particles.

Is there a risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) from the Plexr treatment?

Plexr® does not cause PIH. However, it is important to protect the treated skin against UV and blue light (artificial light) radiation after the treatment in order to prevent a possibly temporary increased production of melanin (pigment). When these rare discolorations do occur, they are always temporary.

Is it important to take care of the treated skin?

To ensure undisturbed wound healing, certain products must be used and proper care instructions followed.


How does Plexr non-invasive blepharoplasty work? (eyelid correction)

The skin of the eyelids is numbed with a cream. Usually 30 minutes is enough to obtain a good anesthetic. Then the Plexr® treatment is carried out. In this way, an even and natural result can be achieved. Immediately after the treatment, the treated area is covered with a cream or foundation specially developed for Plexr.

How does wrinkle treatment with the Plexr work?

During wrinkle treatment with the Plexr®, the skin surface is numbed with a cream. Usually 30 minutes is enough to get a good anesthetic. The Plexr® treatment takes about 10-30 minutes, depending on the size of the surface to be treated.

What types of wrinkles can be treated?

All types of wrinkles can be treated with the Plexr®.

What side effects can be expected after Plexr blepharoplasty?

Local swelling occurs after the treatment. It is advisable to cool the skin areas immediately after the treatment to suppress the swelling. The swelling is most pronounced in the morning after the treatment. The degree of swelling depends on the intensity of the treatment and the patient's tendency to swell. The swelling disappears quickly, usually after 3 days. The end result of the procedure will be optimally visible after 2-3 months.

1-2 days after treatment, crusts appear that should not be scraped off and moistened. These fall off after 5-7 days. The skin is then usually pinkish in colour for 2-3 weeks.

What are the benefits of Plexr blepharoplasty?

The anaesthesia is done with a cream. No syringes are needed and therefore bruises (ecchymoses or hematomas) are not to be expected

  • No general anaesthesia required

  • Immediately visible improvement

  • Relatively short downtime

  • Short-lasting redness

  • No scarring

  • No asymmetry

  • No change in natural eye shape (facial expression)

  • No risk of over-correction

What are the benefits of Plexr treatments compared to laser treatments?

Compared to lasers, the Plexr® treatment does not use light but plasma energy. In a laser treatment, for example fractional laser, the dermis is damaged with the laser to initiate the healing process. The Plexr® treatment, on the other hand, does not damage the dermis, but only stimulates it. A very low dose of plasma particles reaches the inner skin layers where they cause a tightening effect with trauma-free and accelerated healing.

The Plexr® application is less painful. With the Plexr®, healing is always scar free, as long as the patient adheres to the correct care instructions.

What possible side effects can be expected?

No serious side effects are to be expected. Healing is not problematic as long as the patients do not damage the scabs or otherwise interfere with the healing process. Swelling may occur for 1-4 days when treating larger areas of the skin. The crusts fall off a few days later. After that, the skin turns pink for about 2-3 weeks.

How many sessions do I need?

The number of sessions depends on the degree of complaint of the skin area to be treated, the intensity of the treatment and the skin's ability to heal. Depending on the desired result, several treatments may be necessary, although practice shows that in most cases 1 treatment can be sufficient


Is Plexr an approved device?

Yes, Plexr® is CE certified.

Is the treatment painful?

With the anaesthetic cream, the treatment is not painful. When removing minor unwanted skin changes, the plasma itself (ring anaesthesia) can be used to achieve adequate anaesthesia. All treatments with the Plexr® can be performed without injection anaesthesia.

What can I expect after the treatment?

Immediately after the treatment, the treated skin looks like an abrasion. Swelling can occur a day later, but this can be reduced by cooling. Scabs will appear for the next 2-3 days and begin to fall off after 3-4 days. The treated areas remain pink for about 2-3 weeks, or even red in some cases as a result of intensive plasma treatment or skin hypersensitivity. Healing is delayed in smokers or those with poor skin condition.

What does a treatment cost?

Treatment costs vary depending on the extent of the treatment.

Do I have to wear special eye protection during the treatment?

Special eye protection is not necessary

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