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Plexr Technology

Creepy eyes and treatment for upper and lower eyes using Plexr Plasma device.

Plexr technology is revolutionary

PLEXR has truly revolutionized the aesthetic surgery industry, with its pain-free, non-invasive measures.


It’s versatility means that it can be used to better treat a number of different conditions as a substitute for a range of different surgical procedures.


Plexr Plus is the latest generation of innovative and revolutionary medical devices that are rapidly changing the world of medical aesthetics. Plexr is the name of the medical plasma device and is the most innovative device for tightening, rejuvenating, and removing excess skin. Plexr is the most effective alternative to surgical procedures including

  • Eyelid correction and lifting

  • Lifting of the neck, eyebrow, corner of the mouth, etc.

  • Tightening of the jawline, puppets and nose-lip fold

  • Full facelift



… And many other aesthetic and dermatological complaints.

The Plexr method was developed by the Italian company GMV. Prof. Dr. Sotiris Tsioumas contributed to this development, perfecting and recording the equipment.


Plexr works on the basis of plasma that is created as a result of ionized gas molecules from the air. During the treatment, the skin is touched with these gas molecules, causing the skin fibres to contract. A treatment with the Plexr consists of a series of these touches, so that you can work with precision on certain problem areas. The Plexr enables the doctor to lift in a targeted manner and to give certain facial areas their shape again.


During a Plexr treatment, the skin is treated with the so-called Plasma Exeresis. Without direct contact with the skin, a small arc of charged plasma is created that touches the skin point by point. In this way, the top layer of the skin is accurately sublimated (vaporized).


As a result of contact with Plexr plasma (Plasma Exeresis), a reaction occurs in the skin in which the elastic skin fibres contract immediately. The contraction of the fibres provides an immediate lifting effect. This effect is based on natural bio-stimulation and is not related to a heat effect or trauma as is often the case with similar equipment.


Skin improvement and build-up will continue after the treatment. After a few weeks, this same mechanism has caused the collagen fibres to multiply.


In a study, Sotiris indicates that there is a significant collagen increase that results in a thickening of the skin (dermis) up to more than 60%. In addition to skin reduction (by sublimation) and lifting (shrinkage of elastic fibres), this effect provides further skin strengthening and a delay in further aging and skin slackening.

Plexr Skin Layers for Plasma Technology, demonstrating the layer where Plasma treatments are effective in providing results to Skin

Plexr advantages 
compared to Laser Surgery

  • Less dependent on skin colour

  • Less dependent on pathology 

  • No unwanted heat spread

  • Cost-effective 

  • Shorter downtime

  • More versatility in terms of uses

Plexr advantages 
compared to Surgery

  • No injectable anesthetic required

  • No scalpel or suture involved

  • No bleeding

  • Very low risk for complications

  • Far less downtime 

  • Quick, painless procedure

  • Short learning curve for practitioners

  • No thinning of the skin

  • More cost-effective

Plexr Handpiece White.
Smooth and Soft skin. Amazing results post Plexr treatments. Plexr Soft Surgery and Plasma Surgery. Non invasive.

Plexr Advantages

  • ​PLEXR has no contraindications

  • PLEXR has no wires, cables, leads or grounding plates

  • PLEXR has a double patent.

  • PLEXR uses no electric current. 

  • PLEXR obeys true plasma principles and does not touch the skin in order to generate plasma.

Certified medical devices for minimally invasive aesthetic surgery

Plexr devices are manufactured by GMV who is a company based in Rome, in which the most advanced technologies are manufactured in compliance with European standards in terms of safety, quality and reliability.


The ISO 9001: 2008 and EN ISO 13485: 2016 certifications for quality management are a confirmation of the professionalism of Plexr devices.

Plexr devices, certified according to the Directive 93/42 / EEC for medical devices, are made entirely in by GMV, from the idea and the prototype, up to production and sold in the UK by UKRC.

In GMVs's Research and Development department, a group of engineers works constantly and passionately on the development of unique, high-quality and cutting-edge technologies. This coupled with the research and development by UKRC brings a wide range of product solutions and soft surgery advancements.

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