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Thuzzle, Multiple and combined thermal energies that compose the “puzzle of beauty” for a complete rejuvenation of the body

Multiple and combined thermal energies that compose the “puzzle of beauty” for a complete rejuvenation of the body through soft surgery techniques.


Thuzzle has 3 innovative technologies and 10 operating modes and, through thermal energy, it can perform treatments for remodeling of face, body, gynecological region.

Multiwave technology

6 operating modes that makes Thuzzle the only device in the world capable of delivering up to four electromagnetic waves interlinked and controlled at four different depths

Fractional radial

Two operating modes for a double effect of volumetric heating of the dermis and for the remodeling of the collagen.


The two operating modes, monopolar deep and bipolar superficial, make a stimulation for vaginal and vulvar rejuvenation. The heating of the tissue returns tone and elasticity to the same, restoring the correct functionality.



Internal Temperature Sensor

Online temperature control on all handpieces and instant display for the safety and maximum effectiveness of each treatment.


Connection Control
Skin-Touch sensor Controlling the power
Motion control (Accelerometer)
Temperature monitoring
Effective energy absorbed by the body
Ten modes to deliver energy

Skin recognition

The handpieces do not deliver energy if they are not in contact with the patient’s skin.


Motion control with accelerometers: the handpieces do not deliver energy
if the treatment is not performed correctly.

What treatments can Thuzzle perform?


Gynaecology with Thuzzle


Restoring caliber and tone

Collagen production

urinary incontinence

Functional disorders

Vaginal prolapse

Clitoral vascularization


Pelvic pain

Increase in sensitivity


Body Treatments with Thuzzle

Fat reduction








Face Treatments with Thuzzle



Acne scars

Skin laxity



Palpebral bags

Thuzzle device on clinic display stand

Scientific Validations

In addition to the effect illustrated in the research,  the study has recognized high patient satisfaction and complete safety of performed treatments.

Results indicated that cross-linked wave technology is great for skin condition by increasing its density, thickness, metabolism,  collagen content and elastin and, thanks to that, flexibility, tension and shallow wrinkles.

We can conclude that Thuzzle device is perfect for reducing cellulite by making  it shallow “Cellulite teeth” while firming skin.


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  • Yuki Sekiguchi, MD, PhD, Yukari Utsugisawa, MD, PhD, Yoko Azekosi, MD, PhD, Manami Kinjo, MD, PhD, Mihyon Song, MD,Yodhinobu Kubota, MD, PhD, Sheryl A. Kingsberg, PhD, and Michael L. Krychman, MD : Laxity of the Vaginal Introitus After Childbirth: Nonsurgical Outpatient Procedure for Vaginal Tissue Restoration and Improved Sexual Satisfaction Using Low-Energy Radiofrequency Thermal Therapy, JOURNAL OF WOMEN’S HEALTH Volume 22, Number 9, 2013

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Controlled Crosslinked Tetrawave

Ideal for: abdomen, hips, gluteus, legs

Main applications: elastic retraction, neocollagenesis, vascular activation, deep lipolisys


Thuzzle Triple Wave Handpiece

Controlled Crosslinked Triple Wave

Ideal for: decolleté, arms, knees

Applications: elastic retraction and neocollagenesis, lipolisys, vascularization, lymphatic drainage


Controlled Crosslinked Double Wave

Ideal for: periocular region, perioral region, vulvar region

Applications: elastic retraction and neocollagenesis, lipolisys, vascularization, lymphatic drainage


Controlled Single Wave Superficial

Retraction and neocollagenesis specific for face


Controlled Single Wave Deep

Lymphatic drainage diffused


Controlled Single Wave Deep

Lymphatic drainage selective


Fractional Redial Handpiece

The only fractional technology capable of delivering a radial type signal which acts uniformly on the tissue

Ideal for: face, neck, decolleté Application: skin spots, retraction, lifting, acne scars, coarse texture, resurfacing treatments, elastosis, lipolysis and deep lipolysis, vascularization, lymphatic drainage

  • Less pain perceived by the patient than Laser (CO₂) and HIFU

  • Not dependent on the type of skin as for the Laser

  • The direction of the inverted flow with respect to the Laser involves a minor

  • superficial damage on the skin

  • Reduced costs even for single components

Ginecologica-300x250 (1).png

Gynecological Handpiece

Tightening, rejuvenation and vascularization of vaginal tissue

1. Handpiece


2. Applied parts, superficial and deep heating

Applications: atrophy, restoring caliber and tone of the vaginal canal, stimulation of collagen and elastin production, treatment of urinary incontinence, functional disorders, vaginal prolapse, clitoral vascularization, microcirculation improvement, thickening of the deep dermis



Reduction of fat tissue and cellulite and restoration of skin tone and firmness (1 session)


Cellulite reduction and restoration of skin tension and firmness (1 session)


Cellulite reduction and restoration of skin tension and firmness (2 sessions)

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