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Product Overview

Italian technologies at the service of aesthetic medicine

Plexr Plus

The Plexr is a device capable of ionizing the air present between its terminal and the epidermis, thus generating a ray of micro-plasma.

Made for:
Aesthetic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Dermatology, Gynaecology, Dentistry, Oculoplastic, Aesthetic Medicine.

PlexrPlus Treatments.jpg


Thermal technology for the skin THUZZLE is an electro-medical device that comes from the combination of the most advanced thermal technologies intended for body care in its entirety: face, body and intimate treatments

Made for:
Aesthetic Surgery, Dermatology, Gynaecology, Aesthetic Medicine.

Plexr Omnia

VECRON is an operating platform designed to meet all the needs of non-invasive surgery, better known as Soft Surgery.

It combines 3 technologies in a single latest generation device.

The VECRON system includes the devices: CarboMax , Needle Shaping , OFF

Made for:
Vascular Surgery, Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine.



A new experience for your face

Adbiojal F is the new line of hyaluronic acid-based fillers for skin restoration.

Adbiojal F gels have been designed to preserve the natural characteristics of organic hyaluronic acid.

Our line, consisting of three different products, is
perfectly suited to the different needs of facial rejuvenation.


A powerful smoke evacuator specifically designed for elimination of medical smoke produced by Plexr® devices, lasers, Thuzzle, Fractional RF and all the ablative and micro-ablative technology related to the clinical care; peculiar smells; dust; poisonous and harmful gas; soldering; printing.


Trioxygen Clean

The Trioxygen Clean sanitizer is a device that allows, through a generator, to create ozone through controlled electric discharges: the generator takes oxygen, composed of two O2 atoms, and connects it with a third oxygen atom, forming the Ozone molecule (O3).

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