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Plexr boxed tips, showcasing the tips in a box of 20. Designed for Plexr Devices by GMV - Original Tips

Plexr Tips

Applicators made of medical stainless steel and designed to work in combination with all Plexr® handpieces; have been studied and designed to generate the right amount of plasma. The Plexr Tips are disposable to optimize the result. Each pack contains 20 needles. Compatible with all Plexr® models.

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Bio-Tips Needles for use with Plexr Pro and Plexr Plus including Plexr Omnia


Disposable medical steel applicators for Plexr Shower treatment. Compatible with all Plexr® models. Each pack contains 20 individually wrapped pieces.

To find our more about accessories and enquire on pricing please contact us.

What is Plexr Shower?

Safe, painless, biological method, without injections and side effects, pleasant for the patient.
Pleasant for the patient
Immediate improvement in the quality and appearance of the skin
No interruption of daily activities
Complementary alternative to more invasive methods and treatments
Treatment without seasonality and with reduced application costs
Easy-to-accept method for those who are suspicious and opposed to invasive treatments


Reduce the signs of aging with a combined bio stimulating action, performing a physical peeling and transdermal vehiculation in a single synergistic treatment.

Reduction of the stratum corneum, opening of glandular outlets, normalization of the hydrolipidic film.
Stimulation of the most superficial layers of the dermis with activation of growth factors.

Increased absorption of applied topical substances, which stimulate neo-collagenogenesis, neoangiogenesis, and counteract the lytic enzymatic action.

Plexr Shower PRO def
Plexr shower

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