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Plexr Clinic Empowerment Scheme

Welcome to the Clinic Empowerment Scheme

Plexr offers a unique alternative to invasive surgery. Plexr offers strong and long-lasting effects that are comparable to invasive surgeries with far less risk and downtime. Plexr technology is ideal in the treatment of a wide spectrum of conditions such as fine lines, deeper wrinkles, more severe skin laxity and prominent scarring. 

Plasma treatments ca turn back the clock, smoothing out imperfections and vastly improving skin tone and texture after just one treatment.

Plexr provides extraordinary results which normally could only be expected after surgeries such as Blepharoplasty, facelift and necklift.

What is the Empowerment Scheme?

We understand that businesses want to reduce their investment risk whilst being able to expand the services available to their customers.

Join our NO RISK Clinic Empowerment Scheme.


You simply need to book appointments with your clients and we will arrange for a certified doctor to bring a Plexr device to serve your clients at your practice.

How does the Empowerment Scheme Work?


You source the patient and provide the location for the treatment to be conducted


We will bill the patient for their treatment, provide the device and our skilled practitioner


You will be paid 25% for each treatment completed

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