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Plexr Vecron: synergistic treatments for non-surgical face and neck lifting

GMV has developed a medical device, the Plexr Vecron, which combines various minimally invasive technologies, capable of achieving non-surgical lifting. These technologies allow you to perform facial firming treatments with long-lasting results. These are safe and clinically proven methods. No surgery is required (no cuts and stitches), nor long recovery times after treatment. Depending on the final objective, it is possible to perform the intervention using a specific technology or more than one in a synergistic way. This treatment mix has recently been renamed as a whole “ Plexr Omnia". But let's see specifically what are the technologies, able to carry out - among other things - the non-surgical facelift, that make up the Plexr Vecron device and what they are for.

GMV's Plexr Vecron

Plexr®: patented plasma technology for skin lifting

As mentioned in the previous articles, thanks to the action of Plexr® it is possible not only to activate an elastic retraction of the skin, with an immediate lifting effect, but also to stimulate the production of new collagen fibres in the deeper layers.

Needle Shaping: to firm and lift the tissues

Through the Needle Shaping device it is possible to perform the Collagen Shaping treatment: a unique technique that firms, fills and lifts the skin from the inside, through thin acupuncture needles that are inserted painlessly into the skin layer; at the same time, a slight, imperceptible electrical impulse from the needle produces a vibration of the tissue that ends with a strong contraction of the collagen that attaches to the needle itself. In this way the doctor can "wrap" the collagen fibres of the skin, relaxed and sagging, in a solid thread. These threads form a support network that makes the skin more taut and lifted. At the same time, all skin layers of the patient's skin are stimulated, giving rise to new fibres. The condition of the skin has significantly improved and aging has slowed down.

OFF: reduction of fat accumulations

Through the OFF device the Lipo Plexr treatment is carried out: always using small and thin acupuncture needles, inserted painlessly in the affected area, a barely perceptible electrical impulse is generated which transforms into heat and creates a degradation process of the fat cells . The technology is therefore ideal for reducing, in a non-surgical way, the small accumulations of fat that more and more often appear with advancing age.

Carboxytherapy: anti-aging effect

Carboxytherapy: a complementary treatment which, thanks to the administration of small quantities of carbon dioxide inside the body, is able to stimulate the production processes of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, for an overall anti-aging effect.

Before - After 8 months. Combined Collagen Shaping - Lipo Plexr treatment. Photo by Anna Malecka (Poland)

Plexr Vecron: scientifically proven safety and efficacy

All treatments are almost painless: according to the degree of sensitivity of the patient, it is possible to apply an anaesthetic cream on the area to be treated a few minutes before the treatment. There are no side effects or long periods of inactivity: the treatments are performed in the doctor's office and you can immediately resume your normal activities.

Depending on the desired result and the initial conditions, the doctor can propose a single treatment or a combination of several treatments; the protocols provide for the achievement of optimal results in a few sessions, with lasting results.

Several scientific publications - including two recent studies published in international journals - have demonstrated the effectiveness of the treatments and above all how the stimulation of the production of new collagen fibers occurs .

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