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Acne scars on the face and back:

The scars from acne are one of the most common skin problems that, if not treated effectively, can become permanent.

But what exactly is acne and how does it manifest itself?

Acne is a very common skin disease. It is defined as polyform and multifactorial: in fact, there are many triggering causes, from hormonal activity to stress, and various symptoms.

The most evident signs with which it manifests itself instead are: comedones, more commonly known as blackheads, oily skin due to an increase in sebum production (seborrhea), cysts, nodules and papules.

Acne can, in addition to having physical consequences, psychological consequences, two factors that are often linked:

  • in the first case, acne scars become permanent, damaging the superficial layers of the skin;

  • in the second case, however, often those who suffer from it are led to have a bad self-image and are more prone to suffer from depression and / or anxiety.

Therefore, the goal of removing acne scars is to reduce perceived aesthetic discomfort and at the same time reduce inflammation by preventing its spread in depth.

Skin care, especially face care, is crucial in eliminating acne, but hygiene is often not enough. In this article we will explain how to effectively treat acne and scars with non-invasive surgery, through the Plexr device.

Treating active acne and acne scars: solutions and treatments

The treatment of acne, both in the active and cicatricial phases, is in effect one of the pathologies that aesthetic medicine also deals with. Aesthetic medicine is defined as a set of medical-surgical applications aimed at improving one's body image. But how to treat acne and scars in an optimal way? Over time, numerous pharmacological therapies have been proposed including: hormones, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories.

Unfortunately, these treatments are not always effective. In the case of antibiotics, the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) declares that “The use of topical or systemic antibiotics is frequent and probably not always justified. In fact, the most recent research confirms that acne is an inflammatory pathology . It is linked to the alteration of sebum production and the intervention of the p.acnes bacterium is a secondary phenomenon ".

At other times, patients do not tolerate or do not want to be treated with medications to treat active acne and scars. The physician expert in Aesthetic Medicine, "must favour a global approach to the individual, taking into account all the aspects that may affect the objectives he intends to pursue". Finally, the aesthetic doctor is therefore constantly looking for new solutions to solve the problems of his patients without excesses of any kind.

In this context, the so-called “minimally invasive surgery” performed with the Plexr® and with the other GMV medical devices is a valid solution in various imperfections and pathologies, including the treatment of acne scars. We talk about minimal invasiveness because the treatment, which is almost painless, is performed in a doctor's office in a few minutes, without cuts or stitches.

Plexr®: non-invasive surgery to treat scars and active acne and acne scars

The Plexr® , a medical device with international patent produced by GMV, exploits the action mechanism of the plasma, offering a quick and minimally invasive solution to the treatment of acne and scars. The procedure is very simple. An anaesthetic cream is applied half an hour before the treatment, then intervenes directly on the lesions for a very short time (about 1 second); the treatment can be repeated after 15 days and stable, long-lasting and relapse-free results are obtained after 3-6 sessions.

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The cases that are treated with Plexr® are various: from juvenile acne, to women who have undergone hormone therapy to promote pregnancy. Furthermore, Plexr® also acts in case of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) due to lesions and micro-cysts that often form on the posterior lobe of the ear.

The efficacy and safety of the Plexr® medical device in this type of acne treatment is also proven by a scientific publication on PubMed, created by Dermatologist Elena Rossi and a research group from the University of Modena. The article also performed a detailed analysis using a confocal microscope to demonstrate how, through the action of Plexr®, acne lesions and scars on the skin disappear completely even after some time.

How to remove acne scars with Plexr®

In addition to the treatment of active acne, often another problem that afflicts those suffering from this pathology are the marks it can leave on the skin. Acne scars can in fact remain on the skin of the face and back. This is due to damage to the deeper layers of the skin.

Collagen production is impaired and thus fails to heal the skin tissue effectively. Thus the skin is unable to regenerate completely. A layer of grainy tissue of collagen fibres forms, which fills and heals the wound but leaves the area looking different than normal skin.

Acne scars: how to cure them

One of the greatest demands is therefore precisely that of an effective treatment to eliminate acne scars. The alternatives proposed vary from the use of special products such as creams, to a laser treatment to try at least to reduce the scars themselves.

Plexr® is a valid non-surgical alternative thanks to which the areas to be treated are remodeled. In particular, in the case of atrophic acne scars (the deepest ones), the action of the plasma is used both to treat the scar margins, leveling them, and to activate the production of new collagen on the entire surface in the deeper epithelial layers. Treatment always occurs quickly and minimally invasive.

Did we give you the information you were looking for? If you feel you need treatment for your scars, remember that a doctor's evaluations are important!

It is always essential to underline that the achievement of an optimal result in the treatment of acne scars with Plexr® cannot be separated from a preliminary evaluation by the doctor who, properly trained on the use of the device, will be able to evaluate, based on the characteristics of the patient, if the treatment can be decisive. We also recommend that you always check that the doctor's office you are contacting uses the original Plexr® medical device.

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