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Patient results - simply outstanding!

Excessive skin around the eyes is common, the skin is thin and subject to movement and friction.

As we age, we lose collagen this vital building block, keeps skin plump and full, and the eyes are the first to show it.

Signs of stretched, hooded and creepy eyes are all signs of aging.

The only method traditionally to resolve this is to have surgery for an eye-lift, a endure a long recovery period and scarring.

But that was until #Plexr #softsurgery came along!

#Plexr is a cutting edge technology that uses sublimation to tighten the excess skin around the eyes. Sublimation is the process of converting a solid (skin) to a vaporised gas which essentially removes and tightens excess skin.

We have followed the journey of one of our patients to see the results of #Plexr.

See for yourself! The results are outstanding!


Immediately after treatment:

1 day after treatment:

3 days after treatment:

5 days after treatment:

7 days after treatment:

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