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Scientific study on Plexr and non-surgical blepharoplasty

Plexr non-surgical blepharoplasty device showing 3 handpieces and touchscreen device
Plexr Plus

Further Scientific studies confirm the validity of Plexr devices and Technology.

The article "Clinical and Confocal Microscopy Study of Plasma Exeresis for Nonsurgical Blepharoplasty of the Upper Eyelid: A Pilot Study", created by Dr. Elena Rossi in collaboration with researchers from the University of Modena, was recently published in the scientific journal Dermatologic Surgery. (of which the same Doctor is a member), Thessaloniki and the St. Pierre Hospital in Brussels.

In this the article describes the application of the plasma exeresis method, through the use of Plexr, for blepharoplasty operations on a group of patients.

In particular, the excellent results obtained are reported, measured in terms of clinical improvement on patients 4-6 weeks after treatment. The study showcases the journey of the patients and the techniques used to deliver fantastic results.

Obtaining this recognition for Plexr work is fundamental, since as a company GMV (The device manufacturer) have always put scientific research first to prove the effectiveness of Plexr devices and other devices in the product family.

The prestige of the journal in which the article was published is a further reason for pride: Dermatologic Surgery has an Impact Factor, which is one of the most widely used internationally recognized research evaluation indices, equal to 2,351.

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